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Established 1885 in Vienna the young music publishing house became well-known within a few years. The founder, Josef Weinberger, acquired a number of vast catalogues of that time and finally became publisher of Gustav Mahler's entire works by the end of the century and also represented works of Johann Strauss II, Millöcker and many others.

The name of Josef Weinberger is also closely connected to the Austrian protection right society AKM, whose leading figure and first president was Josef Weinberger himself.

In 1909 Josef Weinberger got to know the young Imre Kálmán and secured the composer's works for his catalogue; a very far-sighted and wise enterprise. He also got to know Franz Lehár which finally led to a close co-operation and administration of Lehár's own publishing house, Glockenverlag.

Nowadays Josef Weinberger Vienna manages extensive operetta catalogues, international musical repertoire and an interesting concert library, as well as maintaining a close co-operation with its sister companies in Frankfurt/Main and London. Apart from these other activities, Weinberger Vienna also represents the so-called background music of JW Media London and Happy Records Frankfurt, recorded music for film, TV and video synchronisation in Austria.

Other types of music were not overlooked. The Viennese publishing house was very proud to start a long association with the noted pianist Friedrich Gulda, who developed his talent as a highly original composer showing an intriguing mixture of jazz and expressionist influences.

Various new enterprises made the foundation of several new companies in Vienna necessary and Weinberger also became sub-publisher for many major international popular-music catalogues and is managing Glockenverlag and Arends Music.

Affilliated companies:

PAPAGENO - acquired 1963 with its successful standard repertoire and the contemporary compositions of Friedrich Gulda. Another part are educational publications and typical Viennese songs.

WIENER MUSIKPRODUKTION - started 1971, established with a wide range of instrumental productions such as Ernst Kugler's Big Band Sound, which became popular in radio and TV all over the world. Successful incursions into the pop music field lately with young talents like SHINE, American singer PAT DAVIS or Austrian formation SURFER are released on "WIENER MUSIKPRODUKTION" and "music4FUN" the label for pop, dance, club etc.

WIENER ARION - added 1980 - specialises in sheet-music for zither. Viennese and Austrian regional music as well as educational publications is part of this catalogue.

Highly professional publishing skills including promotional activities, are the strengths of all these Viennese firms.

100 Years Remembered

A history of the theatre and music publishers Josef Weinberger Vienna/Frankfurt am Main/London.

This story of the years 1885 to 1985 is not only the history of a music publishing house. It is also, by association, the history of changes in the public's appreciation of music in many forms and, to some extend, that of the social and political developments which underlay those changes.

Most of all, howerer, it is a history of two exceptional men: Josef Weinberger, the house's founder, and his nephew and successor Otto Blau. Their active careers encompassed together all but five of these past hundred years. The flourishing organisation of 1985 is testimony to the valuable heritage which each of them has handed down.

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100 Years remembered
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